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Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Colorado Premier Tree Care has been providing high quality tree service to our 

Highlands Ranch customers for years. Read below for some trends we see specific to Highlands Ranch ! 

Atilla The Soil Hun 

The worst soil in all the Denver metro is found in Highlands Ranch. Here's why and how it affects your trees.  

soil remdiation.webp

Scrapped Top Soil

Let me, a Denver arborist, tell you why all your maple trees are yellow Highlands Ranch. The development you live ins soil was scrapped away, stored, and mixed in with sandy abiotic loam. This raised the PH of the soil to around ~8.2ph. Maples like a 7ph. Iron is unavailable to the root systems of maple trees in this soil. We see our highest maple injections in the this area for these reasons. Contact Colorado Premier Tree Care for all your Highlands Ranch tree services.

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