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Littleton, Colorado

Colorado Premier Tree Care has been providing high quality tree care to our Littleton customers for years. Read below for some trends we see specific to Littleton ! 

A Divided city 

Littleton proper is an older city filled with lovely large mature trees, but the newer developments are plagued by remediated soil issues. 

soil science.jpeg

Spotty Soil

Newer developments on the outskirts of littleton have spotty soil. When a new development goes in on our southern metro very often the earth has to cultivated to accommodate the infrastructure. The top soil is scrapped off, the rocky under layer is adjusted to the desired levels and the top soil is put back...most of the time. Sometime this top soil is mixed in with rocky loamy soil which throws off the PH of the soil making macro nutrient unavailable  usually Iron. What does this mean for trees in the newer developments ? Tree selection is important, and if the wrong tree is planted it will be a problem tree for quite sometime. New home owners should have a Denver tree care specialist consult before planting.  Read more about chlorosis in maples.

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