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Ensuring Tree Vitality: The Importance of Tree Fertilization

broad spectrum fert_edited.jpg
broad spectrum fert_edited.jpg

Benefits of Tree Fertilization Services

Maintaining the beauty of your trees doesn't happen by chance. For optimal tree health and aesthetics, a year-round approach that includes proper pruning, watering, and tree fertilization is crucial. Our dedicated team of Premier Tree Professionals proudly offers local tree fertilization services across various locations, including central Denver metro, Wheatridge, Lakewood, Englewood, Littleton, Centennial, and Highlands Ranch.

Similar to human health, the vitality of your trees plays a vital role in their ability to resist diseases and withstand temperature fluctuations. Tree fertilizer provides essential macronutrients, fostering robust growth year after year. This is particularly beneficial for young trees aged 2 to 10 years, promoting their healthy development and robust root systems.

Signs Your Trees Need Fertilizer

Different tree types require specific soil nutrients to thrive. Depending on your Denver Metro location and property, your soil might need a nutrient boost. If you observe any of the following signs, reach out to your local Premier Tree arborist for an inspection, diagnosis, and tailored solution:

  • Small leaf or twig growth

  • Dark veins in leaves

  • Dead branches

  • Yellow leaves

Commonly Applied Nutrients

Determining the optimal nutrient combination for your trees or shrubs requires expertise. Premier Tree Professionals assess your trees, soil, and climate, selecting the best tree fertilizer for healthy and robust growth. Slow-release fertilizers with a low salt index are preferred. Common nutrients in tree fertilizer treatments include:

  • Nitrogen

  • Phosphorous

  • Potassium

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Tree Fertilization Application Process

Our tree fertilization process involves injecting liquid fertilizer into the ground using spray tanks. Premier Tree arborists employ a pressurized injection gun with a 7-inch spike to deliver the fertilizer deep into the root zone. We ensure comprehensive coverage by treating the entire area under the trees' canopy.

Our slow-release fertilizers are designed for optimal nutrient absorption, making them suitable for application in spring or fall. The timing depends on when the plants need nutrients and can readily absorb them with their roots. Key application periods include:

  • Emerald Ash Borer treatments from late April to early October

  • Fall Deep Root Fertilizer applications from early November to most of December

  • September through October for treating Iron deficiencies in oak and birch trees

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