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WheatRidge, Colorado

Colorado Premier Tree Care has been providing high quality tree care to our 

Wheatridge customers since 2017. Read below for some trends we see specific to Englewood ! 

Tree trends we see in Wheatridge

OLDER TREES: Englewood is nestled between the new developments to the south, and old mature Denver to the north. We see a lot of old mature trees in this part of the city that need significant reductions and deadwood removals, due to the trees/neighborhoods age. 

maple urban.webp

Older maples

Wheatridge is a hot bed for Denver tree removals because the trees, just like the neighborhoods, are a little older and are having trouble maintaining their structure. Maple trees have trouble in our Colorado heat and thus need to be pruned more often. Our certified Arborists often recommend growth regulators on older more mature maples trees in the older neighborhoods because the number one enemy to older maple trees is growing larger.  

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